There comes a time in the life of your elevator equipment when it has fulfilled its expectations and legitimately needs to be modernized.  While certain major components will be replaced, there are others that can be reused and restored back to their original quality.  This is where our expertise can guide you towards additional cost savings.  Our past experience includes the modernization of over 5,000 elevator systems utilizing state of the art control systems.  We understand what needs to be done, and can provide you with excellent modernization specifications, customized for your equipment, building needs and budget requirements.

EAI also makes certain that you buy only what you actually need for your building and not expensive extras.  We also follow the project from start to finish making certain the installation is done in a timely manner and parts are installed correctly.  Finally, we inspect the finished job to make certain you get everything you paid for.  Typically the savings we generate for the overall project far exceeds the fees we charge for our services.

EAI has developed a Maintenance Agreement and Specification that provides the owner with the protection they require.  The agreement can be customized for your specific requirements and equipment needs.  The following are some of the highlights addressed as part of our standard agreement:

  • Minimum frequency of preventative maintenance to be provided monthly.
  • Minimum preventative maintenance hours per month specified. 
  • Performance Criteria for each type of elevator.
  • Capped yearly price adjustments.
  • Specified task for preventative maintenance including housekeeping and indicator lights.
  • All code required testing.
  • Time ticket, trouble and maintenance log requirements.
  • Misuse and vandalism controls.
  • Firm billing rates.
  • Indemnification and Insurance requirements to protect the building owner and managing agent.   
  • Realistic cancellation clauses.

A comprehensive survey of each elevator is performed to establish the type of system installed, equipment’s condition, performance times, the remaining functionality of components, code issues, and upgrade/modernization considerations for future.

Evaluation includes all of the following:

  • ADA and Title 24 handicap Compliance
  • Elevator Car Operation and Performance
  • Elevator Door Operation and Performance
  • Maintenance Records
  • Elevator Pit
  • Elevator Machine Room
  • Elevator Hoistway
  • Elevator Car Equipment
  • A written report entails our inspector’s findings.

A summary which recaps the maintenance contractor’s performance, equipment’s remaining functional life, recommendations for modernization, and code compliance.

  • A Maintenance Deficiency List which identifies items that are the responsibility of the elevator maintenance contractor (under the terms of a elevator advisors maintenance contract).

Maintenance agreements


Elevator Evaluations

Services we offer

  • Maintenance Evaluations
  • Trouble Calls/Breakdown Analysis
  • Due Diligence Surveys
  • Modernization Surveys
  • Specification Preparation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Review Questionable Invoices
  • Cost Reduction Suggestions
  • ADA Compliance