EAI’s foundation is based on providing unbiased advice and recommendations that are in the best interest of the customers’ needs.  Absolutely nothing is overlooked in any of our surveys, studies or recommendations, and a straightforward presentation of actual facts is made to you, the customer and your existing maintenance company.  EAI does not omit any information when evaluating an elevator company’s performance because of past associations or friendships, as unfortunately, is not the case with some consulting firms.  EAI operates independently and has no obligation of any kind to any elevator company. 100% of our efforts and dedication go toward benefiting our client.

Our goal is to protect our client’s vertical transportation and increase its life expectancy.  Once we are involved in your project and have set the proper guidelines for preventative maintenance care, you will start to see a reduction in callbacks and extra billings.  We strive to increase the projected life of your equipment, which equates to your deferring large capital outlays for elevator upgrades.  If our involvement can help you put off a $100,000.00 to $800,000.00 upgrade for three to seven years, think of the savings you realize when you consider your cost of money.

About EAI

Elevator Advisors International, Inc., Is a full service vertical transportation consulting firm specializing in all aspects of the elevator industry. We operate throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and South America.  Our goal is to establish a partnership with building owners and managers for the sole purpose of increasing the quality of your present maintenance service thus increasing the longevity of your elevator and escalator systems, while at the same time reducing your overall maintenance and repair expense.  We have an established track record of providing excellent service to our clients.